StayAt – Wayfinding & Branded Environment

  • StayAt – Wayfinding & Branded Environment 

  • Elevator Signs
  • Direction signs
  • Reception
  • Apartment numbers (133 signs individually typographed)
  • Floor markers in staircase
  • Map of Surroundings
  • Corridor walls (with small messages)
  • Protruding wall signs
  • Information signs, evacuation plan and exterior wayfinding sign
  • Custom made art for the apartments
  • Iconography and icon signs
  • WHY?     StayAt is the leading chain of apartment hotels in Sweden. When opening a new hotel they needed a wayfinding system and environmental graphics that harmonised with the building and their brand. 

    HOW?    With simple materials and focus on details we created an functional system that also strengthens the relaxed and playful feeling in which StayAt communicates. StayAt is all about that little extra and we wanted to get that through by a play with perspectives and hidden details and messages, so that the guests always have something new to discover.

    The base materials used where cork, plywood and lacquered aluminum. Together with hand painted areas that flows over the different materials and back to the wall and different printing techniques, coloured vinyl and lightboxes we could create an unique environment where the wayfinding merges seamlessly with the branded environment. No signs are alike and even all the 133 apartment numbers are individually typographed.

  • Exterior sign