Burma Emporium

  • Burma Emporium
    Where Burma meets the world.
  • The development of Burma Emporium was a collaboration between myself, Illustrator Andrew Denholm, and the client. This project involved some basic research, brand strategy, followed by brand, design territories, development and then guidelines.

    The brand is based around authentic Burmese cues within the brand mark, typography, and wallpaper. The repeated pattern was influenced by a colonial era Burmese Wallpaper found in the British Museum. Andrew recreated it in his own brilliant style, and added a few hidden charms within the pattern – there are 5 spot them if you can.

    Burma Emporium's mission: To highlight to the western world the value of Burmese traditions, skills, craftsmanship & artistry. We do this bycurating a range of professionally presented products. We select our products for their authenticity and uniqueness, but also hope they offer clues as to Burma’s intriguing history and optimistic future.