• Limber Bench & Stool

    Limber Bench and stool made of stainlessI applied metalworking technique of Mogi Seisakusho Co . ,Ltd.. to this project . in general , metal has a image of being massive and solid . Here I focused on its pliableness to express new attraction of metal.
  • Waving bend, and alternate bend

    When bent, the top of the curve comes to its narrowest part.
    arranging those points to be wavelike/alternate causes movements on the surface. 
    Bending not only absorbs the shock but also gives attractive feature.

    The material is weather-resistant stainless.
    Side surface is mirrored,and seating surface is sandblasted to contrast with the side.
    Mirror surface reflects surroundings and the reflection changes as it bends.
  • The reflection of the inner

    The inside of the top and bottom plates of each bench, the stool will be counter mirrors.
    Then, transfer the scenery and bend, we will spread to the back of the mirror as a pattern.