KILLER KLOWNS in Doggybags 13 edited by Label 619

  • Eight months since Phalanga. Eight months and our dynamic duo is back for another graphic collaboration.  And again for a comic published by Ankama/Label 619.  This time, Run (director of the label 619) wrote the story for us.
    This new one is called Killer Klowns From Da Hood. 
    Printed in the ultimate Doggybags 13.
    Like the first comic we made,  Mojo worked on the backgrounds, and Simon on the characters, and we fixed the colors together.  
    So another couple of months have past, and the book is here. We're really proud to present a part of our work here.
  • Here are some Chara design, the two main character, the clown, and other stuff we don't show you because of a massive spoiler alert ^^  :
  • The story bring us to Detroit, in october 2014.  We are following Omar and Keysha, who are brother and sister, in an odd and deadly Halloween night...
  • And finally, the pages and the book IRL 
  • Killer Klown is one of the 3 crazy stories (and more) you can find 
    in this Doggybags n°13 (the last that will ever exist!). 
    The book is available here
    Thanks again to Run, Yuck, Tony, the Label 619, and Ankama.

    Beware of the Klowns.