The Red Heads Project | Concept

  • I'm proudly redhead so I decided to start this little project about famous gingers.
    It's a "work in progress" so stay tuned!

  • Van Gogh created more than 43 self-portraits between 1885 and 1889. (...) Some show him with full lips, a long face or prominent skull, or sharpened, alert features. His hair may be the usual red, or at times ash coloured - Source

  • Stoker was over six feet tall with thick red hair and has been called a "red-haired giant." Interestingly, in his most famous novel Dracula, he gives vampire hunter Van Helsing red hair - Source

  • Microscopic inspection of the roots of Ramesses II's hair proved that the king's hair originally was red, which suggests that he came from a family of redheads. This has more than just cosmetic significance: in ancient Egypt people with red hair were associated with the deity Seth, the slayer of Osiris, and the name of Ramesses II's father, Seti I, means "follower of Seth" - Source

  • Vivaldi's crop of curly red hair, inherited from his father, prompted friends to nickname the composer 'il Prete Rosso' - the red priest. His father was just nicknamed 'Rosso' - redhead. Don't be fooled by the white hair in the picture - the composer was wearing a wig! - Source
  • When the artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti met the young, flame-haired Elizabeth Siddal, he felt 'his destiny was defined’ and a whole new chapter in notions of female beauty began. Siddal became the first 'supermodel’. (…) Her hair was her fortune, and it was Rossetti who challenged the prejudice against red hair in English culture - Source
  • "His form was tall, above the medium: his face long and his countenance imposing: his nose aquiline: his eyes clear blue: his complexion light, tending toward a decided red, his beard and hair were red when he was young, but which cares then had early turned white."  Bartolomé de Las Casas - Source
  • More redheads are coming soon!