FIS · Festival Internacional de Solos 2015

  • From the 20th to the 22nd of November 2015, FIS · Festival Internacional de Solos had its first edition in Cine-Teatro Garrett, Póvoa de Varzim (Portugal), a co-production between Marácula (a theatre company), Ventos e Tempestades (a dance company) and the theatre itself. During those three days, the festival inhabited an extensive variety of spaces, both conventional and alternative, inside and outside the Cine-Teatro Garrett, where thirteen different productions were entirely performed by artists from the two co-producing companies.

    The basic idea that gives shape to FIS · Festival Internacional de Solos rests in a basic creative impulse shared by artists coming from wide-ranging paths within the performing arts: the channeling of all creative and performative responsibility, power and imagination through a single body, a single voice, a single consciousness. From the abstract plasticity of Dance to the psychological and narrative construction of Theatre and the scenic virtuosity of Circus, one can say that the spectator is challenged at every moment in his capacity to absorb stimuli coming from multiple directions in a ritual of sharing the lonely fragility and courage of a single interpreter.

    Snack Studio started working side by side with the team of FIS since its foundation in 2015, being an active mind during the development of the festival's concept and even the name itself. The idea of a festival focused entirely in solo performances was, without any doubt, a concept strong enough to explore and bring into its own identity.
    We took advantage of having a close relationship with the artists of this edition by making them “the face of the festival", capturing and freezing different actions of these six performers in a series of long exposure photographies. These photos became the main visual subject of the identity allied to a minimal typographic choice and composition that works as a thin layer that doesn't outshine the picture behind.

  • Year 2015
    Client FIS · Festival Internacional de Solos

    Creative & Art Direction Snack Studio​​​​​​​
    Graphic Design Adriana Leites
    Video, Photography & Motion Graphics Nuno Leites
    Event Photography Nuno Leites
    Photography & Video Performers Dìdac Gilabert, Inês S Pereira, Pedro Carvalho, Pedro Galiza and Teresa Santos