Veritiv Truth

  • Veritiv

    On the occasion of their 25th anniversary, Unisource Paper Company saw fit to revitalize their brand, starting with a new name: Veritiv.

    Derived from the Latin word for truth, the name made us think of history and permanence, story and perspective. So when we started working to develop a unifying theme and collateral for the company’s 25th annual paper show, we followed our instincts and chose to explore truth—in all of its enduring complexity and mutability—through design.

    We developed invitations and environmental graphics for the event, as well as a keepsake book featuring 25 Chicago designers sharing their perspectives on truth. The book was a true labor of love; a unique design display typeface and custom paper stock short-cover in Veritiv green with blind embossing and one-color letterpress. In addition to being a favorite among attendees, the book was recognized by the Type Directors Club in their typography exhibit and 61st print annual.

    Designed at Firebelly
    Design: Will Miller, Nick Adam
    Portrait Photographer: Steven Gross
    Event Organizer: Andrew Dembitz
    Book Body and Invite Printer: Graphic Arts Studio
    Finishing Printer: Rohner Press
    Custom Paper: Whiting Paper