Boris Dlugosch

  • Boris Dlugosch - Keep Pushin'

    What would you say if a house music legend, that only a few years ago made you get up in the middle of the night, cue at the club »Front« in Hamburg and dance till dawn, now asks you design his 20th anniversary vinyl cover? We can’t believe our luck and keep pushing’!

    Very graphic and pure, but also complex and a little bit playful – that’s what we wanted the design to imply. Reduced to the beginnings: Detroit’s concrete, urban straightforwardness and a vibrant red served as our ingredients. The vinyl does without the obsolete list of tracks and is covered by a paper sleeve that is also a poster. The cover illustrates the twenty years and you can see the »Keep Pushin’« transforming into »Still Pushin’« through the die-cut paper. The font GT Haptik provided the necessary rectilinearity with a playful twist. Everything was printed via silk-screen printing. Together with the French paper group Arjowiggins we produced a second edition sporting five colours of their bright and lively Pop’Set collection.

    So now what? Don your dancing shoes and forever Pushin’!