Chibimart exhibition (winter ed) - Photography 2016

  • For a prestigious jewelery exhibition thedecoside team and I had to set up 4 different areas with a unique Christmas theme for each one.

    We chose: traditional Christmas, D.I.Y. Christmas, innovation (the "tree" in this area is an artistic piece by the italian artist Lisa Borgiani) and Christmas of the world.
    For every area we also had to arrange 3 different showcases displaying selected jewelery for every theme and a packaging solution.
  • Entrance
  • The exhibition
  • Christmas of the world
  • D.I.Y. Christmas
  • Traditional Christmas
  • Innovation
  • Christmas "tree" for the Christmas of the world area.
    Pom-pons attatched to strings of colorful wool falling from an ambient central light.
  • Vision from the Innovation area.
    Transparent and black Christmas ornaments attatched to the center of the spiral structure that creates the "tree".
  • Paropamiso
  • Il Guscio Cammeo e Fantasy Coral
  • Masoni Gioielli
  • I Signori degli Anelli
  • Luiber SRL, Kahraman Silver
  • Photo and postproduction by Doriana D'Alessio Grassi