Demon Warrior (Zbrush/PS)

  • This one is a little tribute to Brom and Anthony Jones by doing a standard fantasy character in a - for me - completely new workflow using DAZ3d, ZbrushKeyshot and Photoshop.

    As a thank you to my loyal patrons who allowed me to experiment with this new technique, you can find a hi-res wallpaper of this piece here.
    Feel free to use or share it. ▼
  • I´m really pushing my learning curve here in trying something new. This piece is about all the collected bits of knowledge I have exercised in the past few weeks since I purchased zBrush. Below you see each single layer pass that I did in Keyshot that went into the final composite that you see above. ▼
  • Below is a turnaround view of the model with polypaint in zBrush. The legs are a bit awkward, but they were never intended to be shown anyways. ▼
  • Below you see some preliminary renderings and the basemesh from which I worked.
    Nothing too fancy as I used an "out of the box" female model; Genesis 3 from DAZ3d. Next time, I will focus more on my own vision of anatomy. This one was just to learn the workflow and see if the different software sets work as expected. ▼
  • Below is a Sketchfab upload to view the Model that I used as a base here. ▼
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