Design is Future Documentary

  • This film is the result of the last edition of ‘Design is Future congresstival’ held at Disseny Hub Barcelona from 6 to 8 June during the Barcelona Design Week, organized by Toormix and BCD Barcelona Centre de Disseny with the aim to focus on the innovation through design. It showcases the main highlights and strong ideas from the fifteen renowned international speakers, as well as from the presenter and curators, that explored new approaches to design from the perspective of the profession, business and society.

    This film has been possible thanks to the collaboration of FABRICA, who was recorded the documentary during the ‘Design is Futurecongresstival 2016’.

    We really hope you enjoy the film! Share this documentary by using @DesignIsFuture #DesignIsFuture ;-)

  • Credits:

    Direction: Laura Sans 
    Shot and edit: Laura Sans 
    Music: Francesco Novara 
    Sound editor: Antii L.Ikonen 
    Graphic design: Toormix 
    Concept: Toomix and BCD 
    Film: FABRICA 
    Design is Future curators team: Inés Peláez, Oriol Armengou and Ferran Mitjans 
    Design is Future speakers: Christopher Grant, Doug Powell, Chris Moody, Sam Baron, Alice Holmberg, Cristina Bustillo, Luis Baldez, Andreas Enslin, Andrés Ortiz, Ed Gillespie, Miquel Ballester, Luis Villa, Carmen Bustos, Laszlito Kovacs, Jonathan Duckworth, Silvia Calvet
    Thanks to: Alain Jaimez, Alba Obiols, Albert Díaz, Ana Santacana, Anna Verbon, Aurora Verano, Carles Barbero, Venus Chung, Cristina Castano, Eungenia Martí, Francesca Muntané, Griselda Massó, Isabel Roig, Joan Calderón, Jose Ballerzosa, Laia Ubach, Maria Baxauli, Meritxell Martínez, Mireia Azuara, Montse Ribas, Núria Benaiges, Natàlia Chillón, Oscar Viñas, Sonia Monclús, Teresa Tejada 
    Locations: Disseny Hub Barcelona and Mandarin Hote