Talking Ceramics I

  • A book that you must bake in the oven, this how we celebrated the rich history and relocation of the European Centre of Ceramics (EKWC).

    Clay is a natural material and can only controlled to a certain extent and the oven is a major part of the ceramic process. Artists can spend weeks preparing their object yet when it finally goes into the oven all control is taken out of their hands. Even the most experienced can open the oven after a weekend of firing to find disaster. We wanted to capture this excitement, anxiety and surprise in this book.

    The reader must bake the initially white book in their oven at 65 degrees until it transforms to black, revealing the cover design.

    The EKWC has been a prominent centre for experimentation with ceramics for almost 50 years and has a vast array of previous artists-in-residence who have pioneered this material. This book discusses the experiences and most importantly mistakes these artists have encountered during their time at the EKWC.
  • A special edition was also produced of which its front cover is made from a 1mm thick sheet of porcelain. Consequently, the fragility of the material and acceptance of inevitable mistakes is embodied.