Weer Toekomst!

  • This travelling exhibition presents the story of refugee integration through the photographs of Ahmet Polat, Dutch photography laureate of 2015. The exhibition will travel throughout the country to various venues including museums and universities, consequently the design is formed from a collection of installations able to adapt to the different environments. The various panels present photos, written stories and recorded interviews of each refugee.

    Polat followed several students of UAF, the Foundation for Refugee Students who support highly skilled refugees in the Netherlands by helping with their study and transferring their existing qualifications into acknowledged Dutch ones. The photographs and accompanying stories capture the process of integration for these various individuals and document their new future in the Netherlands.

    The name Weer Toekomst sheds a positive light on the new futures for these individuals, especially when ‘future’ can be an uncertainty for refugees.
  • Especially for Museum Hilversum, the first location, a wall-spanning installation of over 100 calendars was created to visualise the amount of time each individual had been present in the Netherlands. Visitors could tear a sheet from each calendar and collect a full set of images to take home and recreate the exhibit in their local neighbourhood. Thus, spreading these stories even further.
  • Photo courtesy of Ahmet Polat
  • The accompanying folder gave visitors the possibility to gather sheets from the calendar to take home then recreate the exhibition in their local environment.