Platformer game concept

  • This game project originally started in 2013 as some kind of platformer game experiment. It has not been finished, but one level of which has been made and which can be played. After that, because of the complexity, lack of expertise and funding projects was closed after few months. For many years it gathered dust on my hard drive, and I want to show all concept art that has been gained. 

    So, turn the music I've made specially for this game and scroll below!

  • All started from this fast menu screen concept:
  • Then concepts of different levels have been made to 
    understand about what can come afterwards
  • I've made quite a lot of drawn elements and big background 
    before prototype
  • Then we managed to make a working prototype with enemies and 
    main hero boy with his wolf (sorry about quality of images)
  • Also, some of the concepts of the enemies were made and animated.
  • I hope you have seen something interesting in this old but funny game concept :-)
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    Thank you!