• L E I C A   M O M E N T S
    Concept based on personal photo stories
  • Leica Moments is driven by photographers using Leica cameras. Photographers who upload their personal  photo stories to moments.leica.com – a gallery dedicated to the Leica Moments concept. Every week Leica choses a collection to be published as a booklet and a related poster.

    Next to each photo in the prints, the lens specifications and camera settings will be revealed to show what the lenses is capable of. These prints will be used as marketing materials to reflect possibilities and diversity of the products, but also to inspire current customers to join Leica Moments.

    The project is done as a fictional school project

    Below you'll see an example of a booklet by Patrick, using the Leica M9-P
  • Posters
  • ↑  Related poster to the booklet by Patrick (the one shown above)
  • ↑ Related poster to the booklet by Roy
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