WAREWARE - Animated series and toys

  • WAREWARE - Animated series and toys

    WAREWARE is a story about a group of cute and funny characters meet each other and living together in a happy land. Their life is full of fun and joy. They are looking forward for more friends to join them. Will you be the next one?

    These little guys need some vote to a reality. Please help them to vote HERE
  • WINNIE love ballet. 
  • BENJAMIN, the little vampire, love music. Always try to be a vegetarian and drink tomato juice instead of blood. He just don’t like the taste of blood. WINNIE, the kawaii witch. Love horror movie and ballet. They will accompany you in this Halloween!
  • MEOWEE a student from Mars who visit Earth for his high school assignment about daily life of others creature in other planet. The favourite thing he found on Earth is pizza.
  • BAA BAA, a cute happiness sheep. Love art and design. He always try spread the happiness to others with his art.
  • OTOTO, a little scientist. Because of global warming, OTOTO dream to create something to help polar bear escape from arctic. We wish his POLAR DREAM come true.
  • MATA, a ninja with big eyes, from Shikoku island Japan. He enjoy his life as a ninja with full of adventure.
  • JOE JOE, the nature rocker. He have a dream to open a concert in the biggest corn farm in the world. ROCK CORN!!