Zito's Sandwich Shoppe

  • Zito's Sandwich Shoppe
  • Serving a sandwich isn’t as easy as it sounds — at least not the kind made by Zito’s — their sandwiches serves a grommet Italian punch, in a space where both the food and the clientele feet at home.

    We knew from the start that the Zito’s wordmark needed to be strong; it needed to represent all the classic Italian-American shops in Brooklyn that came before it. This mark was then combined with a playful lock-up, casual tone and brush-mark illustration that added to their irreverent spirt and the laid-back atmosphere.

    The interior was also designed with all of the rich heritage and respect a good sandwich purveyor deserves, but it also has a sleekness dubbed “butcher chic”. The space offers visual cues and functional elements that show-off their selection of goods that the community can relate too and enjoy while getting their sandwich fix.

    Photography: Finn O'Hara