People of South East Asia

  • People of South East Asia
  • It’s been a while since I’ve this strong felling about traveling alone and that would help me find some inner sense of being in my life… and of course, register in my camera some beautiful people crossing my journey.
    Finally, I decided to leave my comfort zone and depart on a 3 months adventure.
    The trip did not last what I had in mind initially, but still, it was an important step.
    First stop: Bali. The next stops would be decided according to my intuition and spontaneity. Bali was followed by Singapur, Camboja, Vietnam, and Myanmar.
    In Bali and Myanmar, some pictures that I took were only possible due to the help of these two people: Nadi and his nice Hindu family from Bali, whom I lived with for a few days, and Tantan from Myanmar who knew all the corners in his area and showed me around to ethnic villages. I was lucky enough to meet these amazing people, and to them I say: Thank you from my heart. Your help was crucial in order to communicate and access information with the locals.

    These are some of the people that came across in my humble trip to South East Asia