• 1.1
    First I used the word, "lanx" as a name of a fictitious magazine
    while I was studying in Nurnberg. The magazine was created by the Akademie der Bildenden Künste and it deals with social, natural and graphic structures. The word "lanx" is of Latin origin and it means: ratio, balance, ruler. In relation to this magazine, I had an idea to create a logotype, which would reflect the theme of the magazine by the way the letters are connected and structured. Therefore I created the LANX logotype which has a linear graphic structure.
    The cover of the magazine was made up of this logotype which I developed further in my later posters.
    In 2011 the Society of Hungarian Graphic Designers and Typographers invited entries for a competition called "ZENE SZEMEIMNEK" (Music to my eyes). Two of my posters were chosen by the expert judges to be exhibited. The structure of the “MUSIC” logotype uses the structure of the LANX
    logotype and creates an optical vibration.
    This was the first time I designed a "poster with the lanx structure".

    The idea to create the LANX letters as the complete alphabet, was born in relation to my diploma project. Any word can be created from the letters which results in other logotypes or structured graphic designs.
    I was also interested in putting these letters in a different dimension by creating an object. The LANX 3.1 is an attempt to create letters which could be used in designing logotypes, graphics or logos.
    The aim of my work was to create a letter which is built on the meaning of structure and construction. As part of my work I designed the letters, the above mentioned object and posters which use the lanx structure.