Squamish Festival

  • The folks from the canadian agency Will asked me to create some illustrations and animated artwork for one of the biggest 
    music festivals in Canada – the Squamish Valley Music Festival. It is located in Squamish, a place of amazing natural beauty, 
    located about an hour north of Vancouver and is attended by over 115.000 people. This year was supposed to be all about the pieces that make up a festival experience – a vivid and surreal-coloured Squamish forest scene with plants and animals getting down to the sounds of the festival.
    I decided to go with the bear as the hero for the animated loops. The loops would be shown on the festivals social media channels and onscreen. Meanwhile a main hero illustration was needed as a backdrop for the stage.

    At the very end of the making the agency and me were hit with some unfortunate news:
    The Squamish Festival would not take place in 2016.
    This was sad news, also because a lot of work by all of us would go unseen... I decided to give it a chance though by turning it into a project on Behance and share it with everyone! Also hoping that one day again I might participate in the branding of a festival again!
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