now.04 // Ltd. Edition Book [Disruption]

  • now.04

  • Every industry is now at risk.

    For the fourth issue of now we focused on disruption and transformation strategies. With the support of renowned authors we interviewed visionaries such as former BMW i mastermind Benoit Jacob.

    We wanted to stress the topic of now.04 so drastically, that we even printed it on its cover. But yet, as disruption smashes established players without warning, we chose a subtle, transparent hot foil printing that reveals the message only in the right light. 

  • Just like the disruptors, whose secret to success we cover in the book, now.04 is open to its readers. 
    The Schweizer Broschur with a recessed jacket unveils the content, while the thicker outward pages still keep now. lasting and protected.​​​​​​​

  • The content was created in collaboration with journalists Thomas Ramge and Holm Friebe, as well as Benoit Jacob, former head of design at BMW i, and university professor Victor Meyer-Schönberger. 
    Visuals, illustrations and photo essays are Orange Hive originals.


  • Creative Direction
    Steven Sasseville, Laura Geisler
    Art Direction
    João Ferreira, Guilherme de Bernardo S.
    João Ferreira, Guilherme de Bernardo S., Steven Sasseville​​​​​​​
    Guilherme de Bernardo S.

    Editorial Team
    Thomas Ramge, Wolfgang Kraus, Kyra Groh
    Project Management
    David Malmholt