Capital Plumbing Contractors ReBrand

  • Capital Plumbing Contractors is a local Tallahassee plumbing company that  is passionate about delivering client experiences. With a few years of experience and having found their vocation, they asked us to redesign their brand to communicate their vision and core purpose. We began with a face-to-face where we could understand the company's vision and defined three drivers to guide and inspire the project: customers, relationships and service.

  • Capital Plumbing Contractor’s brand was met with simple clean up of lines, shapes, typography and colors. The main font of the word PLUMBING was changed and the grey shape was removed. The main faucet was simplified and the water drops were recreated and perfected.

  • When searching for a plumber near me in Tallahassee remember this awesome company. They worked hard on their brand to stand out among the other plumbers around town. We are sure that their customers will kindly enjoy what is in store for the future.