MEO Box, Router & Remote

  • MEO Box, Router & Remote

    The MEO service has an undeniable prestige reflected by the rising number of subscribers and by the values ​​translated by the brand’s visual identity, powerful communication and marketing arguments and its boldness of speech: dynamic, young, credible.

    However, the physical presence of MEO in Portuguese households does not reflect this dynamic. Presenting itself as a sum of objects - box, router and remote control - without an identity connection, often configuring different sets of technical devices depending on stocks availability and the type of subscription.

    This "physical absence" of MEO as a single device with its own personalized identity unequivocally damages the perception and recognition of this brand as a market leader.

    A new design is suggested for these three objects, one that allows their recognition as a single product with a coherent and integrated identity, where the values ​​of MEO’s brand are honored and do complement the other manifestations of the brand.

    Therefore, in the conceptual approach to the three parts a single system was created one that can be used in various positions - horizontal, vertical, or even wall mounted. 
    A tray/container receives the PCB and the other components of the device, being enclosed with a translucent cover that will allow visualization of both the LED indicators and the interior technological installation, giving it a common and contemporary identity.

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