Google Stickers

  • At the beginning of the year a super cool job came in from Anyways in London - design a set of stickers for Google's upcoming new messaging app. Google Allo recently launched worldwide, so I can finally share the project!

    I was assigned the set for 'Binge Watching' - TV, streaming video and everything surrounding that. I had to provide 3 initial directions at first, but once that was chosen it was relatively quick from development to final. I had a total blast working on this!
  • Initial concepts in my sketchbook
  • For the 3 directions, I was asked to mostly concentrate on type-based options, with a character thrown in just in case.
  • To my surprise they ended up picking the character - so the next step was expanding that idea into 30 different scenarios.
  • From there, straight into the final illustrations.
  • And now they're out in the wild.