AGARTHA - The Hidden Land

  • We are so happy to announce our first mobile game, as a gamer and designer is a dream come true to work on this project for so long time.

    Agartha the hidden land is a 2D runner mobile game for iOS developed for almost 2 years in 
    El Salvador.
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    For thousands of years, a civilization unknown to us has existed. They keep the order and are in charge of protecting the planet.The Agarthians, disappointed by mankind`s wars, hate and ambition, decided to destroy the surface in order to start a new cycle.The Entia, a tribe from Agartha that had been banished for sharing their knowledge with humans, decided to send their messengers to avoid this catastrophe. However, as they are an exiled tribe, nothing good was waiting for them upon their return. Even knowing this, they decide to start a long journey back to Agartha, the hidden land…

    Agartha, The Hidden Land" is a project created by a group of young developers with the support of the government of El Salvador. The game was awarded on the animation festival held in El Salvador “PIXELS AWARDS 2014”, an initiative of the Ministry of Economy along with the Fondo de Desarrollo Productivo (FONDEPRO) and the Dirección de Innovación y Calidad (DICA), whom support young talents in El Salvador to start out their projects. 
    "Agartha, The Hidden Land" is product of two years of work. 
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  • UI Design / Items Design
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  • Enjoy the game avialable worldwide on AppStore 
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    Team developer
    Project Director / Art director : Virgilio Cortez
    Animation and design supervisor: Emerson Ramos
    Concept artists 
    Oscar Mendez
    Virgilio Cortez
    Emerson Ramos
    Lead developer Isaac Cortez
    Johnathan Umaña
    Kenia Claribel
    Javier Valle
    Social media
    Laura Mata
    Adriana Leiva
    Peter Crowley