Japodian Echoes

  • Japodian Echoes is an audio-visual project by a Bosnian artist Adi Dizdarević which is based on the rich history of the Japodes an extinct Balkan tribe which existed even far back as the 9th century BC in the area of the Bosnian Krajina in Bosnia, and Lika and Gorski Kotar in Croatia.

    Having spent his childhood in the Japodian Pounje (area around the river Una), and after years of researching this culture as a spectator and through books, the author has tried to combine authentic motifs and imbue them with a specific musical expression while cruising through a wide spectre of genres,but still maintaining the melodic and ambient basis. 

    Even though most of the work is based on facts and tangible evidence (from artefacts and existing locations of the former settlements), it is stylised and adapted to the modern age and enriched by the author's imagination. 
    The creative strength of this project manifests itself through the fusion of inspirational and authentic sounds from the nature, 
    and from analogue devices accompanied by design and visualisations.

  • Logotype
  • Japodica Modern, custom typeface
  • JE symbol
  • Web interface
  • Wares
  • I
    Year One artwORks
    Sub Bits release (2016)
  • Year One, cover art
  • Metulum
  • Easterns
  • Riverine Zion
  • Distances
  • Basma
  • Flora 2.0
  • II
    DUA artwORks
    Sub Bits release (2016)
  • Dua, cover art
  • Purples
  • Post youth
  • Ocra Mons
  • Pleiades Et Mons
  • I + II symbols
  • Circular reasoning (fragment)
  • Circular reasoning (fragment details)
  • Circular reasoning (fragment details)