Terrace Kitchen

  • Terrace Kitchen 

    Terrace is the sister property to the well established Blue Baths in Government Gardens. Likewise, Terrace pays homage to industrial design aesthetics, and the cultural heritage of the Rotorua region.Subdued colour palettes and an expansive spatial allowance, cater to a casual and inclusive dining experience. Complimentary to the eclectic offering of contemporary cuisine, the Terrace menu extends to a multitude of New Zealand-made and internationally sourced liquid refreshments. At the core of the Terrace philosophy is an ode to 19th Century hospitality - a characteristic of the Rotorua reputation that has continued to sustain the region up to the present.

    The Terrace name references the Pink and White Terraces (once referred to as the 8th wonder of the world) prior to the 1886 Mount Tarawera eruption that subsequently destroyed both terraces. The new Terrace identity has been resurrected through aerial photography of local geothermal hotspots to create a familiar image that resonates with both local and tourist markets. The Terrace concept has been extended through the interior design and even bespoke furniture. Colonial spindle chairs, marble top tables and warm oak vanities live amongst modern tiling and geothermal heated floors to create an interesting contrast between old and new. Now open to the public, Terrace hosts guests daily from 7:30am till late, serving brunch and an evening sharing menu. 

    BRANDING & Art Direction: Ryan Romanes
    Brand strategy, Story and Naming: Morgahna Godwin
    Drone Photography: Petra Leary
    ILLUSTRATIONS: Monique Aimee

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