DRUGamon! Medicines "pokemonized" | Illustration

  • Sometimes drugs/medicines have very funny names...but they're related to "not so funny" situations. With my girlfriend, in order to exorcize their real purpose, we decided to "pokémonize" them!

    (It's a work in progress, feel free to suggest other "Drugamons")

  • EUTIROX - Levothyroxine
  • Eutirox is a very friendly, but also shy and lazy Pokémon. Eutirox can spend days in the form of a spherical mass of stones. 
    When decides to act (or when threatened) Eutirox takes out of the shell three powerful legs and the colourful feelers. 
    In this form Eutirox is a surprinsingly fast creature (and a really good dancer).

  • PLEGRIDY - Peginterferon beta 1-a
  • Plegridy is a nice, little and cute fairy-like bee that stings very rarely - it hurts, but in the end it's not so painful.
    Many locals let the Plegridys sting them because the liquid released by the little flying creature has
    incredible and mystical healing powers.

  • AVONEX - Interferon beta 1-a
  • The Avonex is a massive, sacred bird with a dignified bearing. 
    It's said that every week an Avonex chooses a person to touch with his supernatural beak, 
    in order to grant her immunity from every desease. 

    Feel free to suggest other Drugamon!