Les Petites

  • This project is an interpretation of the well known story The Little Prince. A parallelism between the story and life of the writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I decided to make this parallelism when I found that the Little Prince was a story written to his wife Consuelo Suncín.

  • The two fonts of informations used to make this project were only based on the original history The Little Prince and a book about the biography of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The idea that The Little Prince it is about his life and was dedicated to his wife is clear as he says in some declarations, and as it is explained in his biography. After reading those two books I made associations between parts of the story and his life where there is a clear influence and then I wrote a new text to the project. 

    This book is structured and organized in three parts according to three layers of information.

    At the top there is the excerpts of the story of the Little Prince with the identification of the chapter and page. The lower part is about the biography of the author and Consuelo, as well as some of letters of them. This information is always associated to the excerpt at the top.
    The third part of the structure is located in the side, leaning against the edge across the book where we can read the following letter from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry:

    "Especially at night. I prefer to write at night. The day is often busy for conferences, meetings or visits. It is rare to start writing before 11 pm and always have on hand a large tray with coffee mugs. I feel book and I can concentrate for hours. I can write for hours without feeling tired and without wanting to sleep. I never know what time I will give in to sleep, fall asleep without realizing it , and is day when awake with fallen head over his arms . Only then I can work . When a book starts 'm like that possessed. When I write I am sure that what I do is good. When I'm done I'm sure that is not worth anything."

    There is a dust cover that contains all complete images of the story with their captions and a link to the pages.

    To only focus in the story there is only detailed images through the book that do not give a complete context. 

  • I will not tell you the end of the story as it would lose the fun, but I can tell you that it is as tragically mysterious as The Little Prince.

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