GLYBYNY (video, cover art, music)

  • Histibe presents GLYBYNY
  • Welcome to beautiful otherworldly sounds met by extraordinary visuals in the imaginary tunnel between Kyiv and Detroit
  • GLYBYNY is a compilation album presented by Histibe as part of his techno and deep electronica journey. It unites electronic music producers from Kyiv, Ukraine and Detroit, US. The primary goal is to show underground talents in the form of modern art where music and video must say more than words.

    This album is the seventh release of Vimeo award-winning music label Mask Movement which also includes futuristic visuals created by Maks Histibe exclusively for this album. Histibe is joined by Turing, Piton, Chukhno, Zlykh, and CB1 all sharing their selected tracks in the virtual world between depths of Motown and Kyiv.
  • The album is now available for download on Bandcamp

    Creative director and video director: Maks Histibe
    Artwork design: Maks Histibe
    Music producers: Histibe, Turing, Piton, Chukhno, Zlykh, CB1
    Locations: Kyiv, Ukraine / Detroit, US
    Year of release: 2016