Wax Revolution Salon | Mural Illustrations

    Mural illustrations for hair removal salon Wax Revolution in Mexico City.
    I created dreamlike spaces with a positive feel for the Prado Norte salon, giving them an exclusive look you can only experience in that particular salon. There are 5 murals; one for the reception area and 4 for the cabins. The brief was to use (tropical) garden flowers with the occasional bird, and a very feminine colour scheme.

    pencil on paper, digitally coloured
  • Fig. 1. Reception Mural: 10 meters long filled with Oleander, tropical leaves, berries and hummingbirds
  • Fig. 2. Detail of Reception Mural: Oleander, tropical leaves, berries and a hummingbird
  • Fig. 3. Reception Area (photo: Wax Revolution) Mural
  • Fig. 4 Cabin Mural: tropical leaves, irisses and butterflies
  • Fig. 5. Cabin Mural: A tropical bird in foliage
  • Fig. 6. + 7 Cabin Mural (Photos: Wax Revolution)
  • Fig. 8. Cabin Mural: Oleander, little orchids and hummingbirds
  • Fig. 9. Cabin Mural: tropical flower, a tucan and motmot birds

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