Bazaar Restaurant and More

  • To reveal the character of Bazaar: Restaurant and More with an excellent European cuisine, we came up with the full branding of the restaurant. Elegant and exquisite - these features can be found everywhere in Bazaar starting with the logo. Menu design deserves a special attention. Seems like it has undergone a vintage filter. The result can be fairly compared to the extravagance of the whole Roaring ‘20s with all its glamour and luxury. Still there is nothing old-fashioned about Bazaar: it is modern, stylish and noteworthy for any gourmet. 

  • Taking into account the scale of Bazaar restaurant, we designed its menu according to style and cuisine. The cover pattern catches one’s eye at first sight and an unusual layout turning dish menu into one-page makes guests grab it right away and study.

  • The one-page layout makes it also unique and outstanding. As for the drinks menu, it has the same cover pattern with gold details, yet a prolonged narrow shape which is mostly associated with the glide and elegant lines of wine bottle.