Nike Rolland Garros + The kennedys

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    He did it – Rafa’s 7th Roland Garros! Some will compare it to Lance's 7 Tours, but for The Kennedys, who just got here last week, it felt like both combined.

    They worked like wild fire last week. It started last Tuesday as a little spark of an idea. How could Nike celebrate Rafa's 7th?
    The flame grew quickly with the launch of not only an homage to Rafa but also a tribute to Maria's imminent grand slam title.
    The Kennedys produced 2 digital banners for Nike Spain, 1 print ad, a live mural that took 12 layers of 3mx3m stencils and 8 hours to finish, a 20" teaser, a live interactive feed on the Nike Tennis Facebook page.
    They changed banners, uploaded stills, making-ofs, stop-motion and whatever got thrown at them. They got 5000 views and 5000 comments, which meant that they had to write 5000 names live. Those names got put into an air cannon and shot onto a canvas, creating the final image.
    The fire got wild the last 4 days, but they fought it with fury and bore witness to these two historical victories, live on the web.
    But they didn't do it alone. Other firefighters jumped in to help. Thank you to all the brave ones that made it possible. Dan, Paul, Erik, Barrie, Justine, Richard, Riccardo and Elena. And a special thanks to Judd for rescuing a few of us in some tight moments. Special thanks also go to for rocking in record time the two illustrations and to Michael and julian from for some fun paintballs.
    A wild week. No one died and we are all safe. Just another good fun sandwich.