• This project was developed within the course Advanced Studies in Editorial Design and Typography, Master of Graphic Design and Editorial Projects, the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto, under the orientation of João Martino and Miguel Almeida (Non-Verbal Club).

    Marcos is a former journalist and he’s now a copy for Casa da Musica in Oporto. “Primeiras Mãos”, or “First Hands” is a book about honesty. Writting is almost like a purifing ritual for the soul, is an exorcism from whats on our mind. And that is what Marcos does, he writes to clear is life. He doesn’t try to be something that he’s not. He’s the result of all of his contradictions. We are not always coherent, we are not always the same person, and sometimes we don’t know who we really are. But that is what makes us fascinating. We have within ourselves the abillity to create meanings about everylittle thing, and that is what Marcos does so well.

    Marcos found in facebook a way to write whatever he felt like writing. It’s a contrast between the message and the utility of the mean he chooses to spread his ideas. The book is the middle ground between the erudite and the imbecile. It is what it is, and it’s appreciated for that.

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