• MILLY wanted to rebrand their communications and visual identity to reflect the attributes of their new collections: edgy, irreverent, bold and colorful. 

    When Michelle Smith established the MILLY brand it gained fast recognition for its for its retro & vintage inspired looks merging American silhouettes with French atelier style. While Michelle has kept emphasis on impeccable details and high-end custom fabrics, the style has shifted towards edgier, fashion forward looks. We worked closely with MILLY on a rebrand campaign and updated visual identity to reflect this evolution. We kept the base of the existing logo mark but evolved it by creating a changing logo type that can express different attitudes or themes. Whether the logo grows flowers, freezes over in ice, or is painted onto a woman's body; each application can reflect the themes and inspirations of the most recent seasons clothing line and patterns. Consumers are used to digesting large amounts of imagery and content from brands daily through social media. Recognizing this, we created a campaign consisting of over 400 images and animations that accompanies an influencer program which will will roll out over the next year on social.
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    CREATIVE / ART DIRECTION: Jessica Walsh, Stefan Sagmeister
    DESIGN: Jessica Walsh, Angela Iannarelli, Aron Filkey, 
    Matteo Giuseppe Pani, Daniel Forero, Nick Fogarty
    PHOTOGRAPHY: Henry Hargreaves, Aron Filkey
    MAKE UP: Anastasia Durasova
    PRODUCTION: Group Theory, Molly Brunk
    3D & POST PRODUCTION: Brad Pickard, Pierre Bourjo
    3D ANIMATION: Esteban Dianco
    ART DEPARTMENT: Sam Uisenco, Brittany Reilly
    RETOUCHING: Lutz & Schmidt, Daniel Plateado