• A set of scenes, based on reconstruction of the original logotype, figuratively telling a story of this biennale in particular, and the profession of a graphic designer in general. 
    Original logotype (appears in the beginning) designed by Ira Kireeva in 1992 for the first biennale edition. Idea of logotype "explosion" — poster from 1994 by Ira Kireeva.
    Harsh soundtrack is an allusion to Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake”, the very everything for Russian music and culture (and political life for some reasons). So is the Golden Bee biennale for Russian graphic design.
  • Dynamics. Ae expressions + Newton 2.
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  • Sketches (drawing, cutout)
  • First idea. Logo elements. Remake of Golden Bee laureates' posters. 
    Lex Drewinski 1992, Koichi Sato 1996, Liemburg Harmen 2010, Alain Le Quernec 2008
  • Second idea. Letters made from logo.
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  • Unused idea. Cheburashka and his friends.
  • On a big screen at Biennale: