The World Is Yours

  • I began working as a designer when I was 28-years-old and discovered that I was indeed passionate about designing. It was also around the same time that I started travelling and discovering the world. 

    Most of my works have been inspired by my travels—landscapes, cultures and people encountered in each of my journeys.

    I started this project during my Euro trip; I usually put my money away, not buying souvenirs in my trips instead just soaking in the surrounding and appreciating each place and the time spent. I always thought about creation and how I could carry out images with those places inside my mind. So, I stored all the sights and sounds of the place in my memory and worked on bringing them alive through my skills. 

    I have been to several places and I wish to visit other amazing places around the world. Thus, based on all my trips I have created an image of these places as seen through my eyes. A souvenir more precious than any thing bought. It is my way of remembering the places, consequently practicing and improving my skills in Photoshop.

    100 % Photo Manipulation - Adobe Photoshop 464 Layers

    I hope you enjoy!