The Animated Alphabet

  • Learning Python
    January 2016
  • To introduce myself to Python I made a project with DrawBot and RoboFont. The script creates a 'wave' for each shape it encounters in the font. Most of the design options in the script are displayed below. Six (Dutch) phrases about wind and the sea were used to present the project, each with their own animation. The final result was presented as a mini-website.
    Thanks to Just van Rossum for giving the Python class and helping me out. 
    Made at TypeMedia. Software: Robofont and DrawBot with Python.
    1 → Wij gaan recht door zee.
    We'll go straight through the sea - we'll be honest or direct.
    2 → Hoge bomen vangen veel wind.
    Tall trees catch a lot of wind - higher positions have more responsibility.
  • → Animated version of style number three.

    3 → De wind in de zeilen hebben. 
    To have the wind in the sails - it's going very well.

    4 → Eb en vloed wacht voor niemand.
    The tide waits for no one.

    5 → Dat raakt kant noch wal.
    It's not hitting the edge nor the waterside - that argument makes no sense.

    6 → Het water naar de zee dragen.
    Carrying water to the sea - doing something that has no use.

    → Animated version of style number five.
    → A bit of process. Screenshots of the letter 'K' while sketching, solving problems and coding.
    → How it works. The letter is sliced to get the coordinates from which everything is drawn.
    → Poster design.
    → Short clip showing the selected animations.