City maze

  • Imagining your first trip to Hong Kong, we can represent anything. But the first impression will still be with nothing comparable, as getting into a completely different world.

  • This may be one of the first side streets in which you look. And the dead end will be absolutely deceptive, because it will be only the beginning of the journey through the labyrinths of Hong Kong.

    So, in a way!

  • Among majestically aspiring up buildings, we habitually will search the sky.

  • And night doesn't bring appeasement. In the rainy night Hong Kong even more transformed because each drop begins to reflect the lights of the city.

  • Only the silent guardians of the city are shrouded in the darkness of night.

  • Although the city is in constant motion.

  • The further you move, the maze will become more bizarre.

  • And even look up will bring you every time new and new discoveries.

  • Looking for serenity in nature, you immerse yourself in the amazing world of the mysterious and bizarre visions.

  • Returning to the city, the stupefying sleep will not let go you.

  • Your eyes will be glued to the bird  freely hovering in the sky, so distant from the world of man-made crystals.

  • The next lane, tending to infinity, looks like is creating his own world, which still required human involvement.

  • And even away from the skyscrapers much remains a mystery. What's in the bucket? And for what?

  • But it is impossible to resist the charm of this city, and you become part of this eternal dance.