Encontros da Imagem 2015

    Power&Illusion 2015
    To build an identity under simple principles while remaining utterly powerful and technically simple has as much to do with concept as it is a struggle for transparency. Under the context of a photography festival, the stage should be set so that the craft is respected: under the perfect light, the striking framing and the mind-blowing narrative, it is a game of respect and empowerment of narratives.
    EI Power & Illusion - Under the political and economical crisis, the act of depicting is a striking gesture. This identity is universal: from the web to the stage, from the poster to the editorial and growing bigger into minor touchpoints in exhibition design, the goal was to be relentlessly bold and utterly respectful.

    Playing cards with the universe, ladies and gentlemen, "it is time to leave the capsule"
  • How simple?
    Have fun, build history,
    The Royal Studio