The ALVA Award Design

  • The ALVA Award
    A Behance Creation
    Who will be the next great serial inventor - possibly even the next great Thomas Edison? Someone who can not only envision incredible ideas, but also lead them to the finish line, time and time again? Someone who will make a real impact on the way the world works in the future?
    Great inventors - and great inventions - solve problems, address real needs, and make life better. That's why Behance and The 99% think tank decided to recognize the next generation of world-changing creators with a new prize: The Alva.

    The Alva takes its name from the legendary inventor who inspired us: Thomas Alva Edison. It's fitting then that the inaugural 2012 award was presented at Behance's annual 99 Conference with the generous support of GE, a company that has been committed to innovation since its founding by Thomas Edison over 130 years ago.

    CONCEPT: Matias Corea & Jocelyn K. Glei
    DESIGN: Matias Corea
    PRODUCTION: Adam Lesser
  • Part of the beauty of the word ALVA is the letters' visual rhythm, and of course the repetition of the "A". After exploring a variety of possible designs for the award, we ultimately decided that a simple, but bold, "A" was the most elegant solution.
  • Working to avoid the glitz or tacked-on labels of other awards, we went with a minimal black-on-black type treatment on the award's base, using only the essentials: The ALVA name and the famous Thomas Edison quote that inspired the creation of our 99% think tank, "Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration."
  • We didn't want the ALVA to be a traditional award, and we also wanted to embed an element of invention and play in its construction. So we decided to give it a traditional award "base" but also make it removable. To achieve this, we magnetized the "A" so that it fits snugly into the base and adheres as a single piece, but can also be removed and displayed on a desk or shelf as an elegant stand-alone sculptural piece.

    A few behind-the-scenes shots of the making of the ALVA.

    Photography by Parris Whittingham.
  • To view the incredible talk from our 2012 ALVA winner Tony Fadell, creator of the iPod and the Nest learning thermostat, please visit