Disney: Generation Create

    The Walt Disney Company launched Generation Create in order to unleash the creative potential that exists within us all. They want to bring families and kids together to imagine and build a brighter tomorrow.
    The teaser site was going to be used to lay the foundation for Disney Signature’s cause to build credibility, authority and excitement in the space. In this phase, Disney would have had a presence at events and conferences that are related to their platform and needed a site to direct people to.
    We created a site to make people interested and excited about what’s to come by teasing the overarching campaign and make them start thinking about how they unlock their creativity. We created an explorative tool that worked on all platforms and people could visit directly at the events on their personal devices.
    CLIENT: Disney       AGENCY: Firstborn       DATE: April, 2015       ROLE: Concept, Art Direction, Design
    WebGL Experience
    Each time the user entered the site a random color palette would be selected. Playfully animated letters appeared once the user started typing and when a sentenced got finished the scene would change again into a different color palette and the user could try another sentence.
    For the experience I designed a custom typeface which we then animated and got triggered by using the keyboard. As a Chrome browser only feature it was also possible to activate the microphone and use speech instead of your keyboard to go through the experience.

    ART DIRECTION: Alvin Groen

    TECHNICAL DIRECTION: Chuck Masucci, Hector Arellano

    CONCEPT: Alvin Groen, Joon Park

    DESIGN: Alvin Groen

    CONCEPT DESIGN: Alvin Groen, David Vale
    MOTION: Michael Kuzmich, William Russel

    DEVELOPMENT: Colin Duffy

    COPY: Justin Early

    PRODUCTION: Shayna Friedman

    STRATEGY: Ashley Dodge, Libby Wymer