Mission Statement
    This app want to catch young people's eyes to let them know more about the natural history museum and attract them to go there. After observation and interview with teenagers, I figured out that "cool" is really important when they are surfing online. Therefore, my cool concept is to combine the space with screen to creat with 2D pixel and 3D space. Users can explore the space by touching the screen to show more interactive. I use the concept of pixel to design the logo and also the logo animation to make it fun and attract young people.
  • The home page is a big cube which consists of 8 small cubes. When you click one, it will light up.
  • Then you can enter the room of the cube and see the information and little icons on the wall.
  • You can enlarge the information and click to watch the video and pictures.
  • You can narrow the room and back to the home page.
  • Logo Motion:
  • Screenshots: