Querido Tulum,

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  • Logo in Letterpress
  • Towel
  • Editorial
  • Mailbox & Postcards
  • Stationery & Editorial
  • Origami Boat Flyer
  • Envelope Notepad
  • Envelope Notepad
    “Querido Tulum” (Dear Tulum) is a residential development located in the city of Tulum, Quintana Roo. Our naming proposal was inspired in the type of language we use on a letter or postcard and that epistolary concept was the base for the branding and editorial communication.
    In general, the project is an ode to the city and the lifestyle that allows. When you are in Tulum, you learn to feel, and get the chance of forget about the clock alarm or the wheatear application, you just have to look at the sky and go with the flow… Tulum will make you instantly happy, that’s why a lot of people who went for a visit end up becoming a resident, our project makes reference to the moment when the locals write to their love ones who lives somewhere else.
    Tulum is one of our favourite places in the world; we are lucky to have projects there.
    Dear Tulum, no one deserves you!
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    Photos by Caroga