Posters for Audi Sport R8 mailing

  • Commenting on the release of the new Audi R8 2015, Proximity Barcelona has commissioned me to do a series of 8 posters for Audi CRM exclusive clients' mailing.
    I made 8 posters inspirated by Le Mans classic posters featuring the most famous highlights in Audisport cars history. Auto Union Type-C (Nürburgring 1936), Streamline (Avus Rennen) 1937, Audi Quattro (Rallye Sanremo 1981), Audi Quattro (Trans American 1988), Audi R8 (Le Mans 2000), A5 (DTM Hockenheimring 2004), Audi R18 (24h Le Mans 2014) and finally launching the new Audi R8 2015.
    Thank you to advertising agency Proximity Barcelona and its nice team Carla Franco, Patricia Miret and David Elósegui.