C4 Package Design (Packaging)

  • Explosive Packaging Design
    From ideas, sketches and renderings to 3D prototypes
  • Belm Designs has been commissioned to design a new product bottle for the soon to be released C4 line of personal care products. The original design for the shampoo, conditioner, and body scrub packaging had a distinct look and feel reminiscent of explosives, hence the name. The bottle design had to have the same no nonsense, explosive look and feel for the new addition.The C4 line of products are designed to be bold and in-your-face for men and women with extreme personalities. Our focus group determined that the design appealed to men with the bold black color scheme, so a second version will be introduced aimed more for women. The structure of packaging will be the same with changes to bottle color and the graphic design on the label.

    The bottle design will be used for personal care products such as foams, aerosols, lotions, etc. The design had to have a simple change out for the dispensing mechanism since multiple products may use the same bottle design. We are still in the prototype stage so things may change before they hit shelves in your local stores.
  • Design sketches were created for the new look and feel of the bottle design
  • 3D printer laying down plastic one layer at a time.
  • After the model of the bottle was created we printed the design on a 3D printer. Having a this type printer has been invaluable to us as designers. The printed piece is not intended to be a finished production ready model but to further inform the all the major players to size compared to other products, functionality, etc.
  • Bottle cap was also printed, but production cap will have a semi transparent smoke finish.
  • After printing the model it can be further finished by removing print scaffold material and sanding.

    The printer is capable of using different plastic filaments, we used ABS.
  • Reviewing the design with the client. Taking notes on the project.
  • Prototype looking just like the marketing print.
  • ┬áTaking a few measurements from the 1st C4 Design to compare with the bottle design.

    Spot on.