DRACO redesign

    Visual Identity, Print Design
    Designed in 2016

    DESIGN STUDIO: Design Bureau Izvorka Juric
    DESIGN: Stela Kovačić


    CLIENT: DRACO d.o.o.
    Dracomerx (DRACO) is a Croatian company specialized in designing, manufacturing, sales and engineering in the field of insulation and sanitation engineers. It offers a complete, high-quality technological solutions insulation with continuous support throughout the project, timely delivery and competitive prices.
    The company is present on the Croatian territory and the Region, and in the process of expansion into global markets. Therefore, the company needed a new marketing strategy that includes a new verbal and visual identity. In the process of rebranding Dracomerx brand changed its name to Draco. Of the existing elements it was necessary to keep basic color (red) which was alredy imposed on the Croatian and regional market.
    The new identity communicates the basic values ​​and goals set by brief, high-quality products and services (premium in the segment) with associations that rely on the trends in the industry - sustainability and ecological approach. Redesign increases the visibility of the names and, by reduction of elements, makes the overall impression simpler (minimalism) and thus it approaches the expectations of the western market (modern, professional).
    As the basic idea behind the redesign is based on emphasizing the name / monogram brand, previous logo (dragon) is reduced and integrated into the new logo. Identity is built in specific tonal scale with the primary red, which in combination with other colors make a distinctive and interesting color coding. Black was replaced by a dark blue, which connects with the main product of the company (Akwa).
    With this redesign, identity communicates a contemporary approach with the strength and professionalism in the solutions, but at the same time sustainable and eco-friendly activity. Given the large number of materials that are being prepared, it was important to take account the modularity of identity and application in different situations and types of communication (printed materials, packaging, digital media). 
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