It is a feat, is to pursue a goal, to prove that the unique limit is oneself and when you allowed around,  you can achieve whatever you want. Is to understand that when the way is done, there is always an extra kilometer to go. 
    It is the number which represented first woman to run officially a marathon, and although they wanted to stop her by force, they did not have succeed.
    Today women run, vote, wear pants, go to the space, win Nobel Prize and govern. And there is something sure: behind each one of these achievements, there is a woman.

    WHAT IS DOS61?
    261 is a new style in women footwear. It aims to create products which mean a feat, generating to go beyond the limits in the consumer experience, through challenging design proposals, trends and quality.
    261 is more than a footwear brand, it offers to be in fashion without giving up to the comfort and at the same time that to feel part of the trend.

    I was asked to develop the brand identity for DOS61.
    For the development of the visual identity, I have sought create a symbol as strong as the feats accomplished by Kathrine Switzer and Valentina Tereshkova, two women that inspired me to build this brand under concepts such as transgressive, modern and fortitude.


    Art Direction, Concept & Design: Emanuel Westdorp
    Naming, Integral Production & Brand Strategy: PuntoSeis
    Photography: Diego Sanjurjo