Now Capazes
    Launched on 18 December (2014) the feminist association Maria Capaz achieved, in a few months, a high level of notoriety and visibility. Capazes (the meaning in english is Capables) was the name assumed for a new phase of the association and the online platform.
    Capazes Evolves
    Into a Verbal, Visual and Gestural identity.
    The adopted visual language suggests a proactive and confident attitude, a positive and aggregator speech, based on three assumptions: 
    An ideia of Movement in the struggle for equal rights. Hands up as a sign of participation and sharing of ideas. Capacity and attitude symbol; Personal character instilled by individual experience and personal narrative of emotions. A sharing experience that inspires and mobilizes; Collective expression as the foundation for understanding, reflection and evolution of women’s place in society.

  • Rise Up
    Raising your hand symbolises various expressions – presence, voluntarism, pride, participation and identity. We created a brand based on the spontaneous expression, by materialising a gesture as identity and graphic symbol. We added sign language based icons that express different states of mind and attitudes.
  • More Capables
    The handwritten typography and gestural iconography convey an informal and imperfect style, therefore more human. The color palette focuses on the exploration of symbolic and emotional meaning. As a way of extension and work complement we created a collection of emojis that explores the idea of ​​strengthening the Capazes message, as well as street posters, pins, t-shirts, banners, website and social networking.

  • Gestural emotions
    As a way of extension and complement of the work, we created a collection of emoji that explores the idea of strengthening the capability message. Street posters were developed, Pins, T-Shirts, Banners, Website and Social Networking. We love Women, everyone loves Capazes.

  • "Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world
    perceives that strength."
    GD Anderson

  • Photography: © NUMO / Nuno Moreira
    Model: Anna Siviero
    Type Editing: Joana Correia

    Thx to:
    João Correia Pereira, Rita Ferro Rodrigues, Iva Domingues, 
    Zé Vitro, João Alarcão, Joana Correia, Joana Ranito, Anna Siviero

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