Civil War Pizza Hut Boxes

  • Marvel partnered with PIzza Hut our client at TracyLocke which allowed us to develope a campaign for both in-store and online. And allowed us to throw down on special edition packaging. There were a ton of great designs but in the end Marvel and Pizza Hut fortunately picked my design! When I was a wee little kid my dream was to be a comic book illustrator and this was the closest thing to that dream! Go get some PIZZA!
  • This is what the art started out as. Typically on pizza packaging we are limited to two colors but Pizza Hut entertained the idea of three colors.
  • Going from 3 color to 2 was interesting. I needed to come up with a solve that would add depth to the illustration. The first thought was halftone but given the way that these are printed I had concern that te final product would not end up the way we wanted which lead me down the path of using lines. It was one of those things that ended up working a lot better than expected so we ran with it.
  • All photography by Stephen Schmitt